Upper Albany Has A New CSO

Upper Albany Has A New CSO


A Sorrowful Goodbye – For the past three years, Officer Omar Jones endeared himself to the Upper

Albany community; teachers and youth in the area schools, merchants on the Avenue, seniors at the

North Hartford Senior Center, BHCA and other local organizations and everyday residents in the

neighborhood. In February, Upper Albany’s beloved Community Service Officer left his position to

round out his career with the Hartford Police Department, giving another interested and deserving

officer the opportunity to connect with the community.


Upper Albany warmly welcomes Officer Valdemar Duarte, our new CSO! Office Duarte has been with

the Hartford Police Department for more than nine years, spending six of those years on patrol in North

Hartford, and three years as a School Resource Officer. He has also been a member of the Hartford

Police Rapid Response Team (ERT) for six years. CSO Duarte has already built and maintained

relationships with Hartford citizens, schools and agencies and says, “I’m looking forward to continuing

to build on these relationships and working together with all of you. Please feel free to contact me with

any issues or concerns.”


Officer, Valdemar Duarte

Hartford Police Department

Upper Albany Community Service Officer


(860) 757-4476