Outreach Services

Reaching Out to the Community Every Day

The Blue Hills Civic Association was created as a result of grassroots advocacy among parents, neighborhood community leaders and other stakeholders to better address community concerns such as safe neighborhoods and a say in the decision-making process of local government. BHCA has successfully advocated for:

  • New parks and recreational services,
  • Greater services for seniors in their homes
  • A rejuvenated North Hartford Senior Center
  • Educational, job training and violence prevention programs
  •  City bonding money for the reconstruction of Weaver High School

Education Outreach

BHCA is a community partner in the Rawson Lighthouse School Initiative – the only community school funded through the Sheff vs. O’Neil stipulation as an “exemplary community/neighborhood school”. Our education organizing work has led to the creation of a strong coalition of North Hartford residents, elected officials, educators, community leaders and Hartford Public Schools to ensure full partnership in the designing of a high-quality, student-centered Weaver High School, slated for reopening in 2018.

Outreach Services include access to:

  • First Time Home Buying Classes
  • Housing Assistance/Maintenance Programs
  • Weatherization Programs
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Community engagement on educational concerns regarding schools in North Hartford.
  • Immigration Services
  • Emergency Mortgage Assistance Programs
  • Job readiness (resume writing, interview training, job referrals)

Parents Organizing Power Academy

In 2015, BHCA hired two Education Organizers, Denise Best and Lourdes Fonseca, to focus specifically on building parent leaders in North Hartford and empowering them to take action in areas of interest to them that will improve schools and the community. The 8-week Parent Organizing Power Academy offers training in:

  • Organizing
  • Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Voter Education