CCTC Structure

Seasonal Training

Training: Training sessions are held during the early evening hours between 4pm and 7pm during the school week and on Saturday mornings, when warranted. Students are provided with a practice and meet schedule at the beginning of each season.

Location: Training sessions are held in the Weaver High School Gymnasium located at 415 Granby Street in Hartford, CT.


Track Meets: Student athletes attend track meets throughout the Eastern United States. In addition, CCTC organizes indoor track meets for students in Hartford Middle Schools. At out track meets, trained monitors oversee competition in running, throwing and jumping events to ensure safety and promote sportsmanship. Students are provided with starting blocks and shot put balls suited for their age group, as determined by the United States Track & Field (USTAF) guidelines. Performance measures are recorded and awards are presented to competitors, when warranted.


To cover the fees associated with administrative costs, building rentals, coaching staff and travel, the track club asks each student to contribute $225 for an annual membership or $125 per season.

CCTC is committed to the development of Hartford youth and does not want cost to be a deterrent for any youth interested in the track club. Accordingly, the club provides scholarships, on a case-by-case- basis, for youth who qualify and also offers group rates and payment plans to accommodate all families. Please contact Mr. Lee Hunt at 860-560-7655 or to explore payment options.



Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and USATF membership are required for all competing athletes. To learn more about memberships, please click on the following links to be directed to each organization’s home page:
Amateur Athletic Union
United States Track & Field