About Us

BHCA Staff-Photo

Left to Right, Bottom Row: Shivonne Clark, Kim Harriott, Silvia Noriega, Denise Best, Lee Hunt, Vicki Clark, Taiqueisha Washington, Aisha Petteway | 2nd Row: Reneesha Thompson, Maurice Robertson, Shawn Buchanan | 3rd Row: Lourdes Fonseca, Syrita McBride, Gabriel Boyd, Yvette Moore, Lakeshia Torres, Dejah Morgan, Sashauna, Stewart, Mille Soto | Photo by Mark Jenkins

Who We Are

The Blue Hills Civic Association founded in 1962, is a non-profit, community based organization whose purpose is to build a strong, caring Blue Hills community, to enhance the quality of life of both our neighborhood residents and those beyond and in so doing, to improve the city of Hartford.

Our Vision

Through programs, advocacy and healthy activities, The Blue Hills Civic Association seeks to play a key role, in keeping our neighboring communities stable and attractive as a great place to live and work.

Our Mission

To empower residents and neighborhoods to become self-sufficient through advocacy, organizing and services for the betterment of Hartford.

What We Do

After 55 years, BHCA remains a growing and vibrant organization, committed to promoting the well-being of the Blue Hills' community and surrounding neighborhoods of North Hartford. We are dedicated to the financial well-being of our residents and the physical integrity of their homes, respectively.

We boast an outreach arm that facilitates the process of bringing folks together to address common issues for the common good. Issues such as quality education, employment opportunities, fair housing and public safety are persistent problems facing all of us in the city. Preventive measures aimed at keeping Blue Hills safe, well-kept and a good place to raise a family has resulted in a neighborhood with 65% homeownership, much higher than the city average.

BHCA is the oldest CBO in Hartford. For over 25-years, we have effectively engaged youth across this city in recreation activities, social skills development and job training. For the foreseeable future Blue Hills will continue to empower, advocate and serve neighbors throughout the Hartford community.

Employment Programs
Our Employment Programs offer comprehensive employment services to a diverse population of youth and adult residents and are designed to ensure their readiness for employment opportunities.
Youth Programs
Our Youth Programs offer leadership development, employment and recreational activities through employment training, athletic teams and neighborhood youth organizing.
Outreach Services
Outreach Services works to inform and empower residents with regards to issues and programs affecting their quality of life and neighborhood stability.
Housing Programs
Our Housing Program increases home ownership, prevents homelessness and sustains housing stock for low and moderate income residents.

Where We Are Going

Growing beyond our borders!

BHCA has provided enrichment programs and services to the Blue Hills residents with pride! Moreover, BHCA salutes the residents and members who have worked side by side with BHCA to insure that the community remains the highest, home owning community in the city of Hartford. With the new challenges the city of Hartford is facing, BHCA is also retooling and reevaluating its program direction and services to be better able to provide solutions to those issues that affect us all.

After meeting with key stakeholders for a year, BHCA has officially moved away from being merely a community based organization towards being recognized as a citywide organization. The change in direction is in response to the greater need for residents in the city of Hartford to initiate partnerships throughout the city that will benefit the city as a whole. BHCA has updated our website, broadened our programs and services, expanded our demographics and in doing so services a greater population. As BHCA moves forward we will continue to look to our members, funders, and partners for support.